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Drawing schematics and program run switch?

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I have a couple of questions for you guys.

First, does any one know of a simple schematic drawing program that doesn't require an endless selection of specific components (Not eagle). I like eagle for what it is but It's not quick and simple. Sometimes I just want to draw a schematic for brainstorming or what ever and never intend to build it. And, yes, I know what paper and pencil is before some smart @$$ suggests that. :D

Second question: Where can I get a switch like the one on the board attached? It's being used as a program / run switch, which is also what I intend to use it for.



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Download LTSpice. I use it as a low-tech schematic drawing program, as well as to try out circuit ideas, optimize parts before building a circuit, etc.


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ExpressPCB has a nice, free, easy to use schematic editor. Easy to make new components too.

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