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drawing a circuit

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I'll second the recommendation for ExpressPCB. It's pretty intuitive and it's easy to make any component that they don't already have in their library.



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Expresspcb gets my vote

very easy to use.
if you have any problems, just ask


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I completly agree with downloading express pcb... One real nice thing is that after creating your circut, then converting it to copper trace, you can save the image as a jped, invert it in photoshop, then print out on a lazer printer. AFter that you can iron the image onto the copper plates they sell at radioshack, and etch away..... we do it all the time in the lab at school.


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I have had issues with jpeg

You have to save the pcb file as a dfx or ?? somethiung other than jpeg first.
I found on this website (electro-tech-online, great info) a program called cutepdf. print to cutefile but have the pdf file print in mirror.
In jpeg when doing a 2x board or lots of board landscape you have a slight misalignment.
Just my observations
Thats the only complaint I have about expresspcb -- mirror printing.
very easy to do custom componets for the schematic aswell as the pc board.
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