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don't quite know what type of device to use

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Hi. I'm extremely new to the feild of controller tech and i'm looking for something that could control the on/off states of about 6000 electrodes (or electrical charge output devices) simultaneously.

The on/off states would be read from a removable media device holding (i suppose) 2megs of data or less. i assume the data would be in the form of a "." for 'ON' and a " " for 'OFF'.

i assume LCD controller tech would be the best solution, but i need it to be low power.

anyideas / refinements / suggestions would be very welcome; i'm a newcommer so go easy on me

-- Jameson


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6000 outputs is a lot!

If you give us a little more information about your application it would be easier to help you.

There are a bunch of ways to get 6000 outputs but none are particularly elegant: 1) a whole lot of multiplexors, 2) a bunch of serially addressed devices with outputs... . It all depends on what sort of constraints you have on your solution.

Your LCD display idea would work for smaller numbers of inputs but as you get more segments the display method changes so you dont get one pin per segment any more. Even the most advanced BGA packages only have ~ 400 pins.



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Do you really have the time needed to do this much soldering? This sounds like a very large task and the solutions are too numerous to mention without a little more information (e.g. what kind of electrodes, part number, etc...?).
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