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Do you still watch DVD/Blu-Ray discs?


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Yes, I do.
And cannot understand the trend of not having a collection of movies, family movies, recordings of my musicians group...
What do modern generations do when someone wants to see the movie "2010" ? Do they go to some site and pay a fee to stream, or download, or buy the movie and save it in hard drive until the drive crashes ? Where do they keep images of the infant years of a kid ?

Thanks for posting this. Am old fart style; have movies that I like in optical discs, music CDs autographed by groups, to enjoy whenever I want.
Hope someone explains how is it done now. I will stick to my way but curious.

schmitt trigger

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The issue as I see it, is that corporations have discovered the beauty and profitability (for them) of subscriptions, compared to a single unit sale.


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Nope, I disconnected it, put it in a closet and I now have a nice tv shelf with just a tv for almost 5 ears now.


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I even watch the occasional VHS tape!


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Never have done, but I do listen to CDs,
I've converted most of my CDs to .ogg (lossless) files on my computer and use my computer as a Juke Box.

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