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DIY remote start/alarm system for scooter

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does anyone know how to make one? I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum... I wasn't sure if it went here or micro-controllers as I will be using one for this.
I want to be able to start my scooter remotely w/o the key in the ignition OR with the key. Another question I have is "if the scooter is remote started w/ the alarm armed I don't want the alarm going off... how do i prevent that?"
any help would be nice...

dr pepper

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Whats you level of electronics knowledge?
Can you code for a microcontroller?
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thanks for replying doc. i was going to use this for raspberry pi but i don't have very much experience with code so i would probably need someone to help me tht also knows raspberry pi stuff...


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While I have no idea what scooter you have you will need a good detailed schematic of the electrical system. You will also need to know if your scooter uses any type of ECM (Engine Control Module). My truck for example has a remote start feature. When I use remote start it starts the truck with the doors locked. When I open the truck if I do not put the key in the ignition and rotate the key as soon as I step on the brake to place the truck in gear the engine stops. So unless the actual key is used the truck isn't going anywhere. Also after a pre determined time the engine automatically shuts off.

A remote start system can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. It all starts with knowing exactly what you have with a schematic.


dr pepper

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Drawing on my automotive experience I'd say said scooter unless its a top of the range burgman or something probably has a simple setup with a carb and an electronically assisted magneto for ignition.
One important consideration if the transmission isnt variomatic ie there are 'gears' then you need to lock out remote start if the scoots in gear.
A raspberry would do the job, personally I think an arduino would be a better choice, for size & power consumption, something like an Attiny, security is also a concern, a rolling code system would be a good start.

dr pepper

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Good point V dub, yes it would.
Some of the lower end import ones dont have a choke as such, just a finger operated pump that dumps raw fuel into the inlet manifold in the hope the thing will start, that would require some fancy work remotely done.


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I bought a walk behind string trimmer/weed whacker a while back. And was surprised it has an automatic choke on it instead of a primer bulb and manual choke. Guaranteed to start in two pulls for the next 3 years. Been doing it so far.


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i was going to use this for raspberry pi
Depending on the model, the standby current of the pi is a few hundred mA. An alarm system would presumably need to be active for considerable time intervals, so I think a pi would drain the battery rather quickly. An MCU with a sleep mode would be more suitable for this project.

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