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DIY LED - turns off on its own

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Hi there,

I am a currently building a bedside light for a project, but am having great difficulty on how to get started with building the circuit. I have no experience with electronics, so am reaching out to experts who may be able to help me and explain this simply. I need to build a prototype circuit which includes a tactile switch that will turn on 2-4 LED chips, it should then turn off on its own after a 20 minute time period. It also needs to include a second switch that can be pressed to turn off the LED's before the 20 minutes are up. The light will be powered by a plug rather than batteries. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Les Jones

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I have a design that would do what you want but it uses an Attiny13a microcontroller so you would need to find someone that can program it.(Or learn how to program it yourself.) The only difference is that it uses the same tactile push button to switch it off that switches it on. If you are interested in this solution I could probably modify the design to use two push buttons as in your description. I built it to be used with a battery supply to avoid over discharging the batteries as it also shuts down when the battery voltage drops to a set value.

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