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Displaying Data From a Microcontroller

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I want to display and record data from a Microcontroller (PIC micro specifically) on my computer. Yes I could use a USB to UART and use the console, but what if I wanted something nice, like a meter display? My the two choices I have in mind are Labview or Makerplot. Both are the same price ($40ish), but Makerplot seems like a "dumbed down" version of Labview.

Does anyone have suggestions Of What I could use? Both seem very simple and I know how to use labview.


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That s'ware looks to be exactly what I need.
This coupon gets u $5 bux off..use it when you purchase.


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lately i have been using a 4pin 232bluetooth module, on the pic side i use tx/rx @ 9600 baud, (im not sure if you can change it)

on the host side:
with my computer i use a BT usb dongle and terminal software ( but is easy to do code in VB)
plus I have the option of the data terminal on my ANDROID, and do my own decoders with Eclipse.
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