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Display options?

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Howdy - quick question for y'all. I'm replacing the (small) dash unit on my offroad motorcycle with a fancier one. As part of that project, I've identified all the various leads that go into the master plug that feeds the original dash. Most of the circuits are easy to handle (all feed LEDs, like the turn indicator or high beams), but one - the fuel level circuit - is a challenge in that I have no idea how to make an indicator out of it. The original dash just displayed a single "low fuel" light, but the voltage output seems to be something ranging from 6 to 12V, with the lower voltage corresponding to low fuel levels.

Thoughts/ideas on how I could display this? Ideally I'd love to have a series of individual red/yellow/green lights - 3 or more, but even just a single "low" would be okay.



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Take a look at the LM3914, it's a chip that gives a bargraph of 10 led's proportional to an input voltage.
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