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Display for Auna Connect 150 DAB radio


New Member
Hi guys.

I own an Auna Connect 150 DAB radio. The display is broken (only white backlight when the whole radio is powered on), need to replace it. I disassembled the radio to check for part numbers, but the ones I found lead me nowhere - no hits when googling them.
I also contacted the distributor, but with the device being out of warranty, they were not able to help me or provide me with the replacement part ID.

Are you guys able to help?

The markings on the display module are as follow:
- PCB-WK28055V1
- KJ-BL24005CHC-0-Q
- BL2405B-01 16-07-01
- FPCT024SQH-05
- KJ-FPC24001CHC-?-Q
- 2014-07-09
- 61706Y-Y9-24

The display is SPI 240x320 2.4" TFT, 10 pins, physical dimensions ~43x60mm. The board is Venice 6.5 (FS0152-6).
The whole radio is Auna Connect 150 (model 10028154 - see https://cdn4.elektronik-star.de/out/assets/products/10028154/bda/10028154.pdf).

Attaching photos as well:


If you guys are unable to help me, any hints on where to look / which forum to ask would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any assistance! :)

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