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display data in VC++ labelbox

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hope you can help me with this .

Trying to read switch state
Interface USB - PIC Microcontroller.

The PIC part sends OutputPacketBuffer , and The PC Part recevies InputPacketBuffer. The only address I am testing is InputPacketBuffer´s first byte (switch on or off).
The PC part is a Vc++ program. A Form with a Label Box inside with default eventhandler "Label1click" and a little C++ code to increment a counter inside LabelBox
each time I press the switch.

When I star the Vc++ program, the first step is to establish communication with the PIC, a succes communication open the Form1 with label1 inside.
Label1 displays number "0".

While Vc++ program is running, if I do not press the switch and clicking the mouse several times, the counter in Label remains 0 (zero).
If I leave the switch pressed, and I click the mouse , counter in label1 is incremented, I am sure PC is reading well at the PIC.

If I press the Switch without clicking the mouse , nothing happens.

What I want is to override the mouse click as event handler.

What can I do to see this counter incremented when I just push the switch?

I really dont know how to associate this switch event to a Event handler.

Here is C++ code for getting data from PIC and increment the counter in Label1.

void getdata (void)
DWORD BytesWritten = 0;
DWORD BytesRead = 0;
unsigned char OutputPacketBuffer[65]; //Allocate a memory buffer equal to our endpoint size + 1
unsigned char InputPacketBuffer[65];
//The first byte is the "Report ID" and does not get transmitted over the USB bus. Always set = 0.
InputPacketBuffer[0] = 0;
//The first byte is the "Report ID" and does not get transmitted over the USB bus. Always set = 0.
OutputPacketBuffer[0] = 0;

//Blocking function, unless an "overlapped" structure is used
WriteFile(WriteHandle, &OutputPacketBuffer, 65, &BytesWritten, 0);
//Blocking function, unless an "overlapped" structure is used
ReadFile(ReadHandle, &InputPacketBuffer, 65, &BytesRead, 0);

i=InputPacketBuffer[1]; // i= sw state
public: System::Void label1_Click(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e) { //++ CLICK EVENT HANDLER ++//

getdata(); // call getdata

if(i == 1)//if i eq 1,
goto a; //leave the number as is
else //increment it
a: i=tmp;
label1->Text = i.ToString();//call display number in Label1


I hope you can help me.
Carlos Muñoz.
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