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Disabling Auto logout in the chatroom

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G'day Electromaster,
This new chat is a great tool and some of us forum members have become good online friends since it started. But the one big peeve is this auto logout, it seems if you dont chat for awhile the forum auto logs you out.

Most times I join I see do see other members in the chat but very soon after they are auto logged out.

I'm sure this annoying bug can be sorted out if you choose to do so.

Regards Bryan


New Member
G'day bryan,
I haven't experienced hat problem because I won't stay idle for a long time. I think that can be fixed by extending the session timeout period. The problem is some people just close the chat window rather than clicking on the logout button. The session will continue on the server and will display as a heap on the user list. So with the current settings the inactive sessions will be closed after the timeout period. Hope this answers your problem.
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