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disable 2 wires while the other one is conducted

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ai have 3 wires. if either one wires is conducted (after received signal, +9V), the other two will be left opened.

initially i was thinking to use relay. however, by using this method, i will have to use 6 relays for the circuit.

In my circuit , i have 6 places which need to have this function, then i have to buy 6 x 6 = 36 relays!!!!!

do u guys have better way of doing this?


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If current through your circuit is not very high, you can use CMOS switch ICs like ADG411 or CD4066.


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Hi Janet,

The 9 volt you mention makes me think this is a
unit run from a battery.
You say if one wire recieves a signal,
the other two should become open circuit,
i hope i have that right.

So its a kind of race?
Whichever goes first,
would cut off the other two ?

You say you were thinking of a relay,
but you reckoned six relays for that?

No, i think one for each wire would do.

I have drawn out a set of three relays,
i hope it meets your needs.
Any wire operating, will cut off the other two.

Ive drawn the contacts above the coils for each,
i think it makes it easier to follow like that.

If its a battery unit, maybe you should consider
using chips instead, because of the current
needed for relay coils.

Best of luck with it,


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