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Digilent, Max32 PIC Arduino Board

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This looks pretty amazing. It's a 32 bit PIC chip on an Arduino board compatible with Arduinian stuff too.

Some amazing features:
1. Runs at 3.3v, yet has 5v tolerant i/o pins (except the ADC inputs) unlike the Due which gets damaged with 5v on any pin.
2. 18ma i/o pins, unlike the Due which only has 2ma on some pins.
3. Proper clamping on all inputs (typical of Microchip, anti typical of Atmel).
4. 83 i/o pins.
5. OTG controller (with external board add on)
6. CAN controllers (with external board add on)
7. 10/100 Ethernet. (with external board add on)
8. 16 analog inputs.
9. 80MHz, 512K Flash, 128k Ram.
10. Price, $50 USD.

Downside is it needs the MPIDE not the Arduino IDE, but the MPIDE is a modified Artuino IDE. Dont know if it is free or not, but i do hope it is.
Found out it's just a core install for the regular Arduino IDE, not an entirely new IDE, and it is free.

This could be the answer to my dreams of a nearly perfect microcontroller board. The comparable Arduinian board, the Due, has little protection on it's i/o pins for over voltages and that creates a big hardware issue when interfacing to 5v external logic.

So the only question left then is, How many should i order :)

Ok seriously, i just got a Mega board so i have to play with that a little first. That's a seriously awesome board too with lots of Flash and Ram and EEPROM.

If anyone tried or tries one of these new Digilent boards please post your experience here somewhere.
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Ian Rogers

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Tried both... Uno and Max.... Great little boards however!!! The pinguino series is as good if not better


I have many things started with the diligent boards that now are running on the pinunio... I bought the MikroProC for Pic32... They are extremely powerful....


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Hi there Ian,

Thanks for sharing. Are the pinguino boards available populated though? I did not see any for sale that had all components on board already.


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Hi Ian,

Well, here they want 17 dollars for one, not too bad really, but then they want 20 dollars shipping per order. So if i bought one unit it would come to 37 dollars. Not sure if i like that inflated shipping charge, but the 17 is good.
Thanks for mentioning these as i might consider getting one in the future.


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I've used the Uno32 boards in several project using MPLAX & XC32 programmed via the boards ICSP interface after dumping the Arduino bootloader. A well made board with nice I/O shields for interfaces.
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