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Device to rotate an object in every axis

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I am making a student project of production line. This line consist some collaboration robots responsible for polishing every surface of a product delivered to them on simple conveyor. Because weight of a product far exceeds the maximum weight which can be placed on a cobot arm and every surface of a product need to be polished I think that I have to use an external device to rotate a product in every possible axis to get access to surface which is in contact with conveyor. Of course, the easiest solution to my problem is to use another robot, far "stronger" than a cobot but I want to avoid this situation.

So I am looking for such device which has ability to rotate an object in every axis. Something like a turntable, but more advanced. All I need is a video or a link to such device. For now I want just to see how it looks like and how it is works. I tried to use google and phrases like 'turntable' and 'multi axis turntable' but without good results. Maybe I should type something else? I don't even know how it could be named.

I will be very thankful for any help. Any example of such device will be great.


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Try answering the questions on your other thread rather than wasting our time with a repeat thread.



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