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Development of an audio integrated system

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hi guys i am new to the electonic circuit designing and i have to do a project now can anyone pls guide me in this.

My project is to convert an acoustic signal to a digital signal and then store that on the hard disk instead of ROM and to process the stored signal using DSP techniques.

Please tell me how to proceed inorder to design an electronic circuit.

Thank You


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i am new to the electonic circuit designing
How new are you? This is definitely not a beginners project.

I think it might be easier to transmit the analog signal to the computer through the soundcard and then digitize and process it through software. Perhaps it's just my limited knowledge of audio electronics, but it seems to me like it would be far easier to implement it all in software, where you have can have access to premade audio modules, DLLs, Windows API's, and an extremely large variety of programming languages.

Unless of course you meant that you would directly access the hard drive with your circuit and there was no computer involved. In that case, a microcontroller is the way to go, along with an analog to digital converter. It may be difficult to access the hard drive, I imagine that the vast majority, if not all IC controllers for hard drives are surface mount, and most are integrated straight into the computer's northbridge chip, which could be difficult to include. Accessing the hard drive from a microcontroller would be a tricky feat at best, unless you're already familiary with it.
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