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determined to program the pic16f628

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because of my background in programming and electronics
I am determined to send a line of random data to
program memory and then to READ it back confirming
that the prgrmng was successful

I am utilizing 160 pgs of elect specs & 20 or more pgs
programming spec's.

I've noted some problems people have had with
more sophisticated programming software

so far I've changed my hardware (homebrew)

when I program my one line of random data into
pgm mem, I then try to read it back, mainly with an LED
option to look at data appearing at the DATA pin
when it is in output mode

so far no signs of life with my PIC

I have brought my mclr & pgm volt up to
5v (rather than just logic hi - say 3.5)

I am proceeding on the basis that there are no MAX
time constraints on the clock and data signals

when I raise mclr & pgm I am assuming
PC says zero as the loc for loading my data

in my read pgm when I raise mclr & pgm
I also assume I am at loc zero

I am also assuming that config says 1
for low volt pgming

are any of these assumptions faulty?

Larry Keegan in Stoneham, MA, USA
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