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Designing a Single Board Computer (SBC)


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Is there an open source hardware SBC with a 1 GHz CPU and 2gb ram? or like raspberry pi.
Im planning to design a system running in an embedded linux platform with my own manufactured PCB


dr pepper

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Not my line but I beleive intel do a series of high powered microcontrollers.


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Sounds like an expensive way to get a single board computer. Why not just buy one?


Ian Rogers

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For a while I played around with TinyClr… Single chip SBC's Pretty easy to make.. BUT!! theirs run on .net., but still blisteringly fast..

https://www.ghielectronics.com/tinyclr Just buy a chip.. Download the hardware basics... Off you go... Visual 2018 is free and the .net framework is free... Extremely easy to get started

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