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Design a schematic get a FREE PCB !!!!!!

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Hey Folks ...

you read it right !! I'm looking for interesting designs to make PCB's for . I've got a few designs with cutouts in them and I'm looking for LED controllers and other interesting stuff other hobbiest might like ... audio, automotive , CPUs , FPGA's etc etc ... got anything ??? author gets a FREE PCB of thier design !!!

I also have a STACK of 68hc11 SBC PCBs .. check out my web page ...




Nigel Goodwin

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TVP said:
really ???? how is that ??? no one is interested in a FREE hobby PCB ???
It's spam because you cross posted it across a number of forums, if you had simply posted it in only one it probably wouldn't be classified as spam. However, as the site you listed appears to do nothing apart from try and sell stuff you appear to be just another spammer.

Hopefully the moderators will d remove your posts?.
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