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DCDC power supplies needed


Dear Engineers
We need the following power outputs (isolated)
24V, 5A; 12V,10.84A;

These must come from a 14S Battery of voltage 42V-58.8V
We also need the same power outputs from a 24S Battery of voltage 72-100.8V

I can find Vicor modules for this, but the Boss wants to find cheaper alternatives.
PCB is 175 x 50mm approx

Would you agree that this is basically Vicor territory?
....And that almost nothing else would do


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Are you limited to off the shelf modules? Or would custom circuitry be acceptable? A custom circuit would almost certainly be cheaper to produce, but you'll need to factor in the time and cost of engineering and certifying the supplies.

What's your skill level? How many do you plan to make?

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