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DC wiring question

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I am wiring in the seleniod for my propane and an LP gas detector. To save battery when dry camping I would like to wire in a switch that turns on both circuits with one switch. they both have their own feed ( 12V 24.6A) I would like to wire one switch that will control both circuits;
the selenoid has a hot/red and another wire/ yellow ( i assume this yellow is a return to complete the circuit because is see they both return to the selenoid) and the detector has a standard red black


Would the yellow on the selenoid be a continuation of the "power" line?

Is there a type of switch that will turn them both on or off?


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Something is horribly wrong with the current demand on your LP system. If it really was 24A, it would kill your house battery in 3hours.

I suspect that your current draw will be less than 1A. Just wire the yellow and black wires to ground (battery negative). Wire red and red together and use any automotive style toggle switch to switch both at the same time. The wire going from the battery positive to the input of the switch should be fused with a ~3A fuse+holder.
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