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DC micro motor control

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Hi all,
I am looking to design a PCB that can control 10 micro DC motors that run at 3 V and draw 60 mA. Should I be using surface mount H-bridges, and then control the inputs with a PIC? I had trouble finding anything that looked promising in limiting the size of the board. Thanks!
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All motors must be able to move in both directions, and at any given time up to 5 motors must run at the same time (it's for a robot.)
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Some dsPIC30F2011 or something in that family, has the ADC channels I need for sensors, PWM, and 12 DI/O pins.
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Is it possible to have the h-bridge multiplexed, and then use the PWM channel to control the speed? The ADC input from the sensors will be able to determine how fast each motor needs to turn.
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2 I think, the most I've seen In a pic is 8
birdman what do you mean by semi - h-bridge?

I thought that an h-bridge was two high side switches and two low side switches connected to one motor.
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Ya a half H-bridge can control one motor in one direction, full is one motor in two directions. Maybe you could have one main PIC control 3-4 slave PICs with 2 PWMs each (two motors each driven by one SN754410). You would have to give each one an address and all of them would require a bunch of code though...
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birdman what are you talking about? In order to control a DC motor bidirectionally you need a full H-bridge.
Ya a half H-bridge can control one motor in one direction, full is one motor in two directions.
I'm assuming you were talking to the other birdman?
The IC shown at sparkfun has four half h-bridges in it. By connecting the motors and pins a little differently, you can make it 2 full (bidirectional) h-bridges instead.
Lol! oh no there's two of you now!
Yeah, I was responding to birdmanO o
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thanks all, I think I'm just going to use 6 motors now, and only make one of them bi-directional (not really enough room on the robot for a PCB with multiple H-bridges.) If anyone knows some good small form factor H-bridge IC's, preferably SMD, I'd appreciate it. :)
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