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Custom 8pin JTAG connector suggestions

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I've got 3 different model chips now that all use JTAG for programming/debugging and the 20pin connector is huge for the tiny boards that I create.

I'd like to standardize on an 8pin JTAG connector, and since this is a custom connection only used on my boards, I can use any 8pin connector I want.

The requirements are:
- It needs to be able to be connected/disconnected multiple times.
- It needs to be as small as possible and still remain usable.
- keyed.
- 8 connections. It doesn't matter if they are inline or multiple rows... They are signal connections. No power needed.
- it needs to be cheap. Trying to remain under $1 for the board connector, but if they are really small/rugged/SMD, I could go higher.
- SMD is preferred, but not required. I have no problem with 0.5mm pitch.
- direct connect to a flat cable would be nice, but also not required.

I've done some searching on Digikey. I found some 2mm headers that look nice. I originally thought Flat Flex would be optimal, but I'm concerned that they have problems with multiple connects/disconnect, plus they seem to be really expensive for some reason.


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mobile phone battery connectors?

maybe use some of the micro pogo pin connectors from old mobile phone battery contacts?
the SE T68I used them, so do many nokias.

regards, -A


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You can buy really nice pogo pins but this is more for production line programming/testing. With pogo pins I'd have to make some kind of jig to put the board in to hold the pins in place, or at least some holes to use to tie the thing down and keep the pins in place.

I think I've settled on a 2mm pitch 8pin 2 row keyed shrouded header. Unfortunately I'll need to use crimp pins for the female connector. The smallest I can find with flat cable connector is 10pin.

I'll post the part numbers when I actually order.


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I've standardized on using the Hirose DF13 1.25mm connectors for everything. Buying precrimped contacts make things go faster (unfortunately it empties the wallet faster as well).

If I had to make a choice today, I'd look at the JST ZR connectors. 1.5mm *IDC*, and the headers (ZH series) are cheap.

Digikey has both


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Thanks for this. I like the 1mm spacing and SMD option. I'll be ordering a few of these to test them out.


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Samtec and Sullins make some nice .50" pitch dual row connectors with shroud that are SMT. Digikey has them.

http://media.digikey.com/photos/Sullins Photos/SBH31-NBPB-D05-SP-BK.JPG
Minimum connections looks like 10, though. I'd like to get an 8pin connector. I've been really thinking about getting these 10pin 2mm pitch connectors, even though they have 10 pins. They are SMD, horizontal mount, and female connectors can be attached to regular flat ribbon cable.

I have not yet ordered anything. I've been kinda holding back, because everytime I look at my order page I'm always stunned by how much I'm spending.


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If you've not been to Creatron Inc on College st in Toronto do yourself a favor and head down before you order online. He has AVR / PIC / Motorola stuff and connectors.


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I don't really have any interest in AVR's, PIC's, or Motorola anything. Do they have connectors that Digikey/Mouser doesn't have? B&M stores aren't really big on tiny SMD components.

Every once in a while I head over to Sayal to look around, but really everything is cheaper online with better selection. I haven't been to anything downtown since Active and Supermetronics were in their old places on Queen.

My Digikey order is probably 1/4 MSP430 stuff. I'm really liking these uC's and I have some decent development going for low power remotes/nodes. I just wish these chips were cheaper.
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