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Current Limiter Using Transistor: How To Saturate an Emitter Follower BJT?


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i have a current limiter setup attached in here.

i would like that most of the voltage source appear at the Load or saturating the emitter follower. the problem however is that Vcb is reversed biased because Vc will always be greater then Vb.

is there a way i can fully operate the Emitter follower setup as a switch/saturation given the applicaiotion circuit?




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The best you can do is: The emitter will be .7 volts below the base.


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The bias resistor must connect to a voltage that is at least 0.7V higher than the supply voltage for the upper emitter-follower transistor to saturate.
Use a PNP transistor to pull the load up to the supply voltage and saturate.

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