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CRT TV Help! Urgent!

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I am soldering an external switch onto the front circuit board power button of a CRT television. I had the ground soldered in place on the board and switch, and the connecting wire on the switch but not the board. The TV was on and the loose end of the connecting wire came in close proximity to the screen of the TV and it shut off (I was testing if the switch would work, touching the wire to the contact, which is why the tv was on). Now the TV won't come back on, even with the regular power button. I tried connecting the switch with the ground and power wires, and nothing. Is there something in the front circuit board (power, channel, volume, etc) that, along with the switch, powers the TV? Can I bypass this board?

The real question is can I power on the TV without the front circuit board (remove it)?

I am building a MAME cabinet, which is why I'm messing with the tv in the first place...

Thanks for your help in advance, I'm new here (the forums AND the field).

Nigel Goodwin

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Sounds like you've blown something? - but as you obviously know nothing about TV's, I would strongly suggest you don't mess with them, you're likely to make it unsafe and dangerous.


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I know TVs are dangerous. I've discharged it before to work on it. No, I don't know a ton about TVs but I do my research before hand and am not unsafe about it. Just looking for some help.

But I figured it out, thanks.


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... not to mention that he suggests the assistance of an "ELECTRICIAN" and not an electronics service technician! A BIG difference between the two!


You should never work on an active circuit, especially a television set. There is a lethal minimum of one thousand volts/ CRT inch, the same as working on a live ignition system. It is a miracle, or good luck, that you are alive to detail your experience to the group.


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you need to study the circuits of your tv set which can be had in electronics shop, note yor tv model for the circuit.
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