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Creating useful silkscreen


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Okay being stuck home lately and im deciding to update or revise many PCBs ive done in the past. One being my IOBuddy... i want a nice silk screen on the bottom. Is this understandable? The purpose is to set the PULL UP (normally not pressed) Logic Level and PRESSED levels of the buttons on the pcb.

Please look at the image first then if you think you understand how it works the answer is here:
So if you want the button to appear 0 then when pressed a 1. You would solder UL and PH.
If you want it to appear as a 1 and when pressed a 0. You would solder UH and PL.

Does that make sense with the silk? im just asking to give me peace of mind. Seems easy enough for me but im the creater so... its natural to me.



New Member
Yes, it is intuitive for someone who has worked with similar device designs before. However, for a complete noob, you wouild want to document the methodology with a careful explanation in the assembly or use manual.


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Thank you. I was planning on making all my pcbs over but this time with documentation that explains these jumpers better and dimensions and other notes depending on board. I don't sell much but I'd still like it if people had any information they needed. To avoid confusion and make development easier for them.

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