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Crazy RC Project Hobby 350W 24VDC Motor

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I am sort of fooling around with some parts I bought. I have a 350W 24V DC motor and I have a compatible local controller (not sure of the control voltages on the input). I want to set this up to be remotely controlled. Maybe I could use parts from an RC car. They are normally 12V. I thought of putting this on a power wheels for my nephew to control via remote; It prob will require a big frame like that for this big motor and the required batteries. Anyone have any ideas?

two items bought on ebay:
24v 350w controller
"24V 350W brushed speed controller e-bike scooter " (260418813261)
24v 350w motor
"Currie 350 W 24 volt Bike DC Electric Scooter Motor 24v" (120425910336)
(paste the item #'s into the ebay search)

What is the easiest way to control these items. I was suggest to use a micro controller. I see that i can't connect a receiver straight to the controller... what to do...
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zepp, post the link to your controller, people can't help if we don't know what you're using.


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Buy a brushed motor ESC from the hobby store. THey are dead cheap and plug right into the receiver.


If you're going to do RC stuff you should probably know the terminology used =) ESC = Electronic Speed Control. You can buy them at hobby stores, just tell them you want a 24 volt ESC for a brushed motor that can handle 20amps. No clue what the stall current on that's gonna be so don't get it bogged down.


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Your nephew might have more fun actually being able to drive the powerwheels.
Modified Power Wheels Information

I cant wait until my daughter is old enough for one. I'm probably going to have to buy 2 of them so I can have one to play with.


Nice, just needs better tires and a real throttle.
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