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Cordless drill to corded

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I have a Dewalt 14.4v 6 yr. old cordless drill. Batteries no longer work and new ones are too expensive. For the mere sake of keeping it running I want to power it w/ a cord. (I already bought a new cordless drill - this is just a time-filler, meaningless project) I've dismantled a battery, removed the cells, drilled a hole for a cord through the case.
I want to connect a power cord to the contacts in the empty battery, insert the empty batter and run the drill. I did so and tripped the breaker (as I figured I would). How do I "power down" the electricity from the standard 110v wall outlet to 14.4 the drill runs on?
I know nothing about electricity so if you can keep it simple. I actually think this can't be done simply (and not $$$) and I'm fine w/ that, but thought I'd try.
Thanks for any advice.


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A power supply to provide the proper 14v to wire the drill will cost about what you do not want to spend for the battery pack, or more.

Just put alligator clips at the end of the cord and use it with a car/motorcycle battery.
Perhaps use a discarded computer power supply, that will be cheap.



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Too late now! Once you tried running 120 vac through the internal speed controller it instantly died!
Putting battery cable clamps on it and running off a 12 volt battery would have worked fine. Or just buying a 14.4 volt cheapo battery of similar AH rating and swapping the cells would have worked too. I've done that one many times.

Sadly many of the $60 plus replacement batteries for big name brand power tools use the exact same cheap cells as the non name brand batteries that sell for under $20.
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