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Copy flash memory

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2PAC Mafia

Hi guys,

it´s very important for me to copy the image or complete data from some flash memories:

RC28F128J3A (BGA) x 2
DA28F640J5 (SSOP) x 2

I have good master memories in BGA package which I want to read, they are reballed for the socket. Some months ago I already tried to read and copy the SSOP packages with a Hi-Lo ALL11 programmer which supported them but after reading it when I verified the data I got a fail.
After that I decided to send the memories to a company in United States to do the job but I´m surprised they had exactly the same behavieur, when they wanted to verify what they read they got a fail. They think may be there is some contact problem with the socket but when it happened to me I rechecked the continuity between pins and socket before reading the devices and they were good. I guess there is something else with this issue...

Is it possible that the memories have some kind of protection to avoid the reading?
Do you have some idea to get the data out to program new ones?

I would need to copy new memories because some expensive displays which I repair are usually damaged from corrupted flash memories and I want to have the option to repair them when this problem happen.

Thanks a lot.
Not open for further replies.

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