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Converting Speaker Cable to Monaural


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Hi there, just bought myself a new amplifier for my 5.1 surround sound speakers and was hooking all the speakers up. When it finally came to the woofer i found that it had no input for speaker cables in the amp, i checked the manual and it says you need a monaural audio cord. So i checked if the Woofer has the input slot and it doesnt.....so i was wandering if theres anyway around this like a converter of some kind.
Any help would be much appreciated! All parts are Sony so i guessed that it would all be compatible....
Kind Regards Ergol :(
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Most (all?) surround amps have speaker outputs for front/rear/centre speakers, and an RCA line output for powered subs. You sure theres no sub RCA line output?, it wouldnt be a 5.1 amp if it didnt ;-). Find the RCA socket, buy a powered sub (subwoofer spkr with a built in amp), and yr done.
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