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Converting from AC cdi to DC cdi

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Got a question that you might be able to answer me. Simple enough question that's giving me a headache.

My husqvarna motorcycle (2001 sm610) has just broke down. I tested the stator and to say this is a modern bike it has an old style ignition cdi set up. The exciter coil shorted to the core and only gave 4.8v at cranking. Had this repaired so I get full voltage and now the CDI is acting up and giving a weak spark.

The stator has the charging side for the battery/lights etc and then an AC exciter coil for the ignition cdi and also a ac pulse coil.

CDI has 8 wires connected in 2x4 wire plugs.

one plug has two wires to the AC exciter coil and two wires for the ac pulse coil.

The other plug has one feed to the coil, one to the kill switch, one to the rev counter and one is an earth (chipped away at the old cdi and it just earths the plastic case)

Priced up a replacement CDI from husqvarna dealer and I am looking at £400 which I replied **** off.

Anyways, I have been looking around for a replacement CDI and found lots of re-programmable CDI's available but none for the husqvarna's.

Lots of the CDI's available are for off road bikes/quads like the yzf450, trx400, etc which run a similar setup ignition but with one difference.

They have both an exciter coil and pulse coil same as the husqvarna but one side of the pulse coil and one side of the exciter coil is earthed to the engine.

Would it be possible to take one side of the husqvarna exciter coil and one side of the pulse coil to earth. (would post a picture of the husqvarna wiring, but they don't show the individual coils, similar setup shown)

TRX setup

Would you think this would work and if the ignition advance was insufficent, I can adjust the CDI???
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