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Converting a 3M transparency maker

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<Mod edit: This thread has been split off of the one found at the following link: http://www.electro-tech-online.com/threads/3m-thermofax-bulb-conversion-attempt.144415/page-3 >

Is anyone here still available to help me convert my 3m transparency maker model 4550. I am not a guru like anyone here but I do follow instructions very well.

I need to replace my bulb and convert it to 12 amps. I have read through the post and have copied all the links for the parts bulb, resistor. I can get all of them in hand I just need some step by step instructions. Pictures or video and in lamens terms. Lol

I am pretty good with wiring and this doesn't seem to hard can I get any help PLEASE... they want a little over $300 with shipping for repairs.
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