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Converter design using TL494

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Any1 can help in designing a step down converter 15V to 9V using TL494?
Or have any schematic on this? pls help.


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The 494 not a best choice for this purpose, i recommend some "simple swithcer" e.g. LM 2675, but here is a sematic:



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spikes on tl494

I'm building A 20 TO 12 V versions

I used a similar circuit like the above mentioned and it worked 12 to 5 volt

I'm currently using a different circuit but I need help with some of the spikes which it produces.

the current circuit is the Pulse Width Modulated Push–Pull circiut
which is in the datasheet. I'm only using one output (pin 8) ) (not as push pull)
note that the spikes produces are without any inductors in the circiut ( inductor not added as of today)
the frequency can go up to 247 Khz (appox.)
dead time can also be manually controlled (when completed it will have feedback to the DT pin)
thanks for any idea's


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