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I want to ask some guidelines here .

I want to develop one small micro chip project .

So which language i will use ?

Is JAVA is possible to develop micro chip!!

If possible how can i convert my java class file to Assembly language like PIC..............

thanks for ur feedback


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as far as I know there are several languages that you can use to program a microcontroller and JAVA is definitely not among them.

It all depends on the compiler you use. You can program in C, JAL (pascal-based language), PicBasic (or some other language based on BASIC) and Assembler. If you know assembler, you can download a free MPLAB development studio from www.microchip.com. I personally use PicBasic Pro (www.picbasic.org). You can find JAL at www.voti.nl.



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:roll: I wasn't aware of that. Sorry.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you still cannot use JAVA to develop asm code for Microchip's or Atmel's microcontrollers. To use JAVA you must have special microcontroller, right?


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Yeah thats true. You can't use JAVA for other uC/uP's.
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