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convert characters received from UART to int and float in keil5 stm32


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i receive my data from uart by this command :

HAL_UART_Receive(&huart1,data,10,1000) ;

my received characters are decimal numbers and i want to convert them to float and int then i send float or int as a character

for example my data is
this data occupies 1 byte for each character so data occupies 5 bytes i want to convert it to float and then send float in my memory that requires less bytes than 5.
Each received character is ASCII. Check the ASCII table for values. You'll want to test each character, converting the numerals to an actual decimal value. "3" doesn't come over as 3, it comes over as its ASCII value (check the table!). If you want someone to write your function you're out of luck.


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If you can send all values as integers then you can use atoi (). For floats you can multiply be 100 to keep 2 decimal places.


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