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Controlling Play/Pause on MP3-player from C64 Datasette motor signal?

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I have built a datasette interface for my Commodore 64 that takes an audio signal and converts it to a pulse signal wanted by the datasette port on the C64. With this it is possible use an mp3 player instead of datasette and tapes to load games.

It's this one:
C64 Standard Tape Interface

One small problem though, using a normal datasette, the tape would stop when the game is loaded (the motor signal from the c64 to the datasette goes to low). The mp3 player will of course not stop playing by itself, I have to press the play / pause button once the game is loaded, it can't continue playing because the data for the next level comes after.

Now my question:
How can I trigger the play / pause on my mp3 player when the motor signal goes from high (5V) to low (0V) AND when the motor signal goes to high from low? I know I will have to modify the mp3 player for this, connect wires to the play /pause button on it.

Thanks in advance!
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