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Controlling ESP 8266 from anywhere in the world


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I had a pretty simple project idea of controlling a car through the internet. I want the controller and the car to each have their own ESP8266, each connecting to separate networks.
My plan is to create an extremely simple website with a few text boxes with integers in them. I want the controller to update these numbers and the car to pull the values and run the motors accordingly.

This is only my second IoT project. Is there a simpler way of doing this? if not, what would be the best way to implement the above idea?

Thanks a lot,


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Controlling a car with text boxes?

How will that work? What variable input will the text boxes represent?

Why not a joy stick?

The ESP not really suitable for graphics (photos/video) so what feedback will the remote "driver" see concerning the car's status?


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i did that long time ago b4 smart phones exist ... text boxes for buttons ... sends a variable, i ran a car once on dtmf codes too through headphones on the cellular network, 8 go backwards,5 stop, same thing ... still kind of a lag ... http in my experience takes alot of time to be reloading pages.. I would suggest using the tcp port raw and just send a few bytes per instruction

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