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consumptio of power

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You can't calculate power with only voltage, you'd need to know the RMS current draw of the pre-amp under the conditions you're going to be using it under.


He's feeding it 24V DC, but I doubt the current draw is going to be static, it's going to use more or less power depending on what the applied signal is. I don't know how variable this is in a pre-amp so I just said RMS current to be on the safe side. If he tests it on a bench without a load and thinks he's going to get X power over the long haul and it's current use doubles with an applied load in his app he's gonna be surprised.
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how to calculate dc power consumption

24v dc is input to the peramplifier what is RMS, i mean to say i have different equipments which have different consumption like

1: projector have 300w
2: amplifier have 200w
3: pre amplifier have 24v DC
4: vga distribution have 12v DC

if projector has 300w consumption it will take load of 1.3 amps and 300w X 1hour is 300wh consumption then in dc how the consumption will be calculated

mvs sarma

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Ashokkumar jee,
you are not clear in what is the doubt you have. Please plan and make a proper presentation so that a possible answer could be given. If a picture can speak THOUSAND words, why not upload a block schematic of the equipment under question in support of your query?
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