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Connecting nokia 3310 with computer

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Hello everyone

With great difficulty, I got nokia 3310. I found from some articles on internet, to connect this mobile with the computer, its done through FBus or MBus and a software is needed. I have downloaded a software from internet.

I am scared that, I wont be able to get the cable for nokia 3310, the MBus lies below the battery, so if I dont get the cable, how can I connect it?

Can anyone plz also tell me the code in Visual Basic 6 to send sms? Is it necessary to use AT commands in VB? If yes, then how?

I found the tutorial from Sending SMS through Nokia 3310/5110 - Free 8051 Microcontroller projects really useful, but still I am bit confused. Can anyone plz guide me?

I am getting 0.5V and 4.5V from MAX232. How should I connect it with nokia 3310? If it is possible to send sms from VB, then do we still need a software to send sms?

Thanx a lot...
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