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connecting network card to 2wayradio


New Member
Is it possibe to interface a basic pc network card to a cb or a 2way radio.
As a network card has a tx and a rx twisted pair socket and using the the same tx switching as packet radio as the ham,s do on sound cards I feel the same could be done as is done also via serial ports on a pc.
bob? :D


New Member
Yes it CAN be done - but SHOULD it be done?

You will find that Hams generally use a maximum speed of 9600 for high speed packet. Other speeds are in development.

All other Amateur Radio data communications are at speeds below this.

The common reasons for the low speeds are cost, reliability and bandwidth.

As the speed rises so does does the bandwidth.

If you patch a 10Mb data stream to a cb or ham hf/vhf tcvr you will generate so much crap over a very wide frequency range that the local feds will probably kick your door in within 60 minutes.

It's easy to do if your up in bluetooth land - 900Mhz, 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz - as the filters are easier to make without killing the required signal. At these frequencies you can at least use pcb interdigital filters as against lumped constants at the hf end.

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