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connecting micro c to rs 232

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i have been trying to play around with a locationing device, making use of ultrasound and RF signals. The details (if necessary) are in the previous thread. called: 'massive help needed'

anyway, i have a micro controller that receives 2 signals every few seconds. the 2 signals come right after each other, and the mc takes the difference in the time the two arrives.

now, i need this information (difference in time) to be sent into the PC for analysis. plus, i keep getting info every couple of seconds. Im having trouble understand how i can go about sending this constant stream to the PC. I was thinking of using an rs232 connection and a MAX 232 chip. I got the circuit diagram on this website:


my question is:
Is it correct?

Where does the Rx & Tx get connected to in the MC. i presume that the Rx is, in my case, the info that the MC spits back to the PC every few seconds. does Tx need to be connected at all?

i have a laptop, so can i use a rs232 to usb converter after this. is there anyway i can connect the MC via usb without a rs232?

ive never used a rs232 before, so what next? is there a way i can read the data on say, MAPLE or MATLAB?

thanks heaps
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