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connect 2x16 lcd with 16F877A

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How to connect 2x16 lcd with 16F877A.

I'm using 4 bit. 8MHz oscillator. Back light is working but could'n get display..:(

(1)I've connected 4 data pins & 3 control pins to PIC.
(2)2 power supplies(VCC & LED+) & 2 ground(GND & LED-) given to LCD.
(3)for VEE in lcd what is the resistor value?
(4) Should I want to ground the other 4 data pins?
(5) In PIC what is capasitor value for 8MHz oscillator?
(6) To MCLR what is the resitor value?
(7) Should I want give power(32 & 11) & ground(31 & 12) for both pins?
(8) I'm using 5V positive regulator (7805). So do I need any capacitor to connect with that regulator?
(9) Other than this any other connections need?
(10) please give me a diagram?

My e-mail [email protected]
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Nigel Goodwin

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Check my tutorials, which show how to use it - unless connected correctly, with the contrast set correctly, and working software, it won't work.

For 8MHZ use a crystal, not an RC oscillator.


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Thanks Nigel Goodwin!

Now it's working properly. Before I didn't set the variable resistor value for VEE.
Thanks again!!
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