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CJMCU-KZQ LED controller

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Nigel Goodwin

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I've recently ordered a couple of WS2812 LED assemblies, just to have a play with, an 8x8 panel, and a small circular array - as they were coming from China (so take a while) I ordered a cheap controller for them:


They came yesterday, so I was just having a quick play with them, there's two buttons on the controller, one seems to turn it on and switch modes, the other seems to turn it off. There's also pins labelled SDA/SCL, but there's no information for it at all, has anyone 'been here before' and managed to find any documentation?.

It does seem to be scaled for the small round array, 16 LED's, and does spinning patterns etc.


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Sorry, not hugely relevant, but I bought a test strip of WS2812 a couple months back as well. I just bought an Arduino clone to test them. The library is super simple and you can then program whatever you want. I actually bought a tiny little Digispark to do this.

I'm guessing that controller is pretty new as not much comes up on it doing a search. Reaching out to Banggood sometimes gets manuals for these things as they can contact the supplier.

schmitt trigger

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SDA/SCL will be the standard I2C bus interface signals supported by virtually all modern microcontrollers.

If that is the case, you will require to know the device address before you can start communicating with them. And whether they are slow, fast or high speed mode.
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