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circuit for 220VAC to 9VDC?

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I would like to make the smallest circuit for converting 220VAC to 9VDC~ any suggestion for the circuit?? can i don't use the transformer??? :roll:


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Sorry but you have to use a transformer as far as i know because of the high current of the AC voltage , the size of the transformer is depended on how current would you like to draw from it.

I drew a circuit for a regulated 9VDC

1 * The parts you need:
1 * Transformer from 220AC to 12VAC
1 * Diode bridge
1 * 470uF capacitor
2 * 0.1uF capacitor
1 * 7809



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if you have the £££ get a VICOR DC:DC converter, ther are isolated and converts straight from mains to low voltage levels. You just need a rectifier and a DC cap. This removes the need for the transformer


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thanks all experts!!! :lol:
what is £££ and how to get a VICOR DC:DC converter???
can u please tell me more about it??? :shock:


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If you don't need line isolation or much power then a simple capacitor coupled circuit consisting of a Mylar AC rated capacitor, a 9 volt zener diode and an electrolytic capacitor is all you need.
Use a transformer

Hi folks ... first post/reply on this group.

I would suggest the person use a transformer type circuit ... anything direct off the mains is a dangerous situation.




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The OP has not been back since March, 2004. Whatever the outcome was, I doubt we are going to change it today. John
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