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Circuit digram single phase motor

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I have dismantled a singel phase cap start cap run motor (one Cap only on motor) replaced bearings and assembeled.
Could some one giv me a circuit digram of the capicitor in the circuit.
One of the wires comes from the start winding which I have connected to the cap but I do not know wether the other side of the Cap has a negative or + wire connected to it.
Could you help me with this problem.
Thank you


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Hi Gregory,

there should be three wires coming from the motor windings.

Connect life to one of them and one side of the capacitor also to life. Now you have two more wires to connect. Connect Neutral to any of both and the other terminal of the cap to the last wire.

If the motor rotates the wrong way just change two motor cables to connect the same way.

For clarity check the little drawing please.

There should also be a little schematic inside the connection box (lid) which explains how to connect the motor and capacitor for different ways of rotation.

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