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Certification requirements for product containing lithium batteries

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I am designing an embedded product that contains rechargeable lithium Polymer battery packs. The product will have an onboard battery charger which will take a DC input from an off the shelf wall wart.

The product will not be sold to any third party; it will only be used by employees to perform a service in Canada and the US.

I have a number of questions regarding required certifications:

-From what I have read UN38.3 addresses the certification/tests required to transport lithium batteries by air but does not apply to products containing lithium batteries. If I took UN38.3 certified batteries and used them in a product, does the product need to be certified to some equivalent standard similar to UN38.3 in order to be shipped by air? If so, where can I find information regarding this certification?

-Is there any certifications required (from a safety perspective) for products that contain on board lithium battery chargers?

I’m trying to determine what our company needs to do from a legal/safety perspective to ensure our design meets any certifications or standards needed.
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