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Cement Mixer stopped working and looking for a capacitor or help


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Can anyone help me find a start/run capacitor that I think has blown

Metal canister type (so assume run/start).

Part is MLR25 T45 120 4595/1 -MK.
12 MICRO Farrarad
50 Hz

Have part from Amazon same rating as above but plastic and half the size so not sure can use?
Also can't find source for above or an equivalent

Any help appreciated.I



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No1 with AC start/run capacitors, do NOT replace with Chinese brand origin!
Any local motor winder should have, I use DCE (Cornell-Dubilier) for reliability
At 12uF I would assume that is a run capacitor, oil filled paper, not the dry electrolytic start version.
Must be motor start run/rated.
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When the capacitor went on a tumble dryer, I got an identical replacement at a place that fixes domestic appliances. Think it was around US$5.



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Can anyone help me find a start/run capacitor that I think has blown


Any help appreciated.I

There has to be electrical motor builders/repairs supplies in the UK somewhere?


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