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Ceiling fan rewinding type

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I'm rewinding an old ceiling fan (48"). 14 poles, 7 for starting, 7 for running. Both has same number of turns which is around 750 turns each pole (wire size is 34 SWG). Winding is basket type.

From net I found people use lower turns (350, 400, 450, 500). I'm confused why my fan has so high number of turns. Is it because of basket type winding or something else?

As both (inner & outer) coils are of same number of turns which one should be Starting and which one is running?

can anyone please suggest me.

mvs sarma

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As the fans go cheaper, perhaps they bargain the turns and increase the wire guage. These economical fans consume more current and get hotter soon.
So far as rewinding, the rewinders have a zig where thet manually wind couls, preform and insulate before stalking them on to the core . Later they do manual interconnections between the coils.
If one is lucky to get access to computerised winding machine, it does without solder joints for eachsection.

dr pepper

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Maybe its a shaded pole motor, resistance is usually higher so you'd expect more copper.
If it doesnt have a capacitor then it could be shaded pole.


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A PSC (permanent start cap) motor generally has two equal winding's, and can actually be reversed by using the alternate winding, many ceiling fans do this to reverse for summer/winter operation.
Two identical windings is normal.
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