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cat5e network cable tester

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hey everyone, i just wanted to know of a simple cable tester for home made network cables, i wanted to make one and whilst i can work out how to make one to test them very easily (just 8 LEDs, and a resistor, hooked up in the right way)

but i wanted to know if there is an EASY way to make one that will not only test the continuity of the cable but let me know whether or not it is a cross over. i was thinking something that may display 8 lights
(one to show each wire in the cable is working) and two other lights, one will be on to show that the cable is straight through and another to show if it is a cross over.

please help, i have a large box of assorted cables, and i dont have the money to spend on a cable tester

(i can get the parts from school for nix, so i want to build one)



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test each wire 1 at a time, then you can visually see which order the LEDs light up in.
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