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Capacitor identification

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I was wondering if anyone could identify what looks like a film capacitor, from a small electric motor, with markings V270 A3 (I'm not sure about the "A" bit).
I've attached a photo of it.



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It might be a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) rated for 270V. The A3 may be an energy rating (joules).
These are often used across AC power lines in circuits like power supplies, to clip off any voltage spikes that come in. In your case, it would clip anything around 270V or higher.
These can blow if there is a large surge on the powerline, one bigger than the MOV can handle.

Across a small electric motor, it could be a very small capacitance capacitor, 27pF. Unusual for such a small value to be across a motor...

Someone else may come up with an exact match and post....
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The motor is part of the actuator that opens and closes the fuel door of a car, so it should be powerd with 14VDC.


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The manufacturer logo on the part is Matsushita, otherwise known as Panasonic, so Beau was on the right track. It also looks to me like a transient voltage suppressor (varistor etc.).


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Thanks, the motor is actually toast and will have to be changed, but whether varistor is the culprit or not...
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