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Can someone recomend an IC for a counter shifter circuit

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This is my first time on this forum. And I would like a little help.

I am trying to build a circuit.

With 1 input and 4 outputs.

So when I input a pulse the first output will go high.
A second pulse will make the first output low and the second output high.
Third pulse will make the second output low and third output high.
Forth pulse will make the third output low and the forth output high.
And the fifth pulse will make the forth output low and go back to the first output.

So basically it will cycle round.

The problem I'm having is finding a suitable IC. Because most of the IC's I have seen like the 7490 give me a binary output for a 7 segment led.
This is not suitable.

I want a ripple type output.

Please can someone help and recommend a suitable IC


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CD4017 with output pin 4 connected to the RESET pin. Outputs high in sequence: 0123012301230123.

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